Group Meditation Series

Beginner Group Series 

By now you have probably heard a lot about meditation. You may have read about the benefits, the different types of meditation, and possibly the “right” way to do it. You may be too intimidated to try it or perhaps you’ve tried and been so frustrated by your racing thoughts, that you’ve given up. Don't lose hope.  

Read more below for how the series works and what you can expect to learn along the way.

group meditation

Mindfulness Meditation - Is it for You?

If you’d like to learn how to meditate in a warm and accepting environment, this series is for you. Susan presents mindfulness meditation in a simple, direct, and easy to understand way. The practice of meditation is just that – a practice. They do not call it mindfulness perfection. We all have times when we sit and our mind is racing.  The key is being aware of the thoughts, and then coming back to the awareness of your breath.  Again and again.

How We Start

In this series you will first be guided to find the best posture for your unique body. Finding the right support in order to maintain a straight spine is the first step. This does not mean full lotus pose. It might mean reclining. It could be sitting in a chair. The exact position is not as important as supporting a straight and open spine.  

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How We Focus

Next, we will dive deeply into your breath. Where can you feel the breath moving in your body? What we will focus on is strengthening your diaphragmatic breathing. This deep belly breath can be one of the most nourishing exercises you can do for your nervous system. Diaphragmatic breathing can calm the mind quickly when practiced regularly.

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How We Become Mindful

The third area we will examine is the energy of your mind. What is the weather of your mind in this moment? What are the velocity and intensity of your thoughts? Can you observe this without judgment? Your thoughts come and go. Getting into the laboratory of your mind will help strengthen your mindfulness on and off the cushion.

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All the while I will be helping you establish your own personal practice one step at a time. 

 You already have this ability within you – to breathe diaphragmatically and to be aware of the activity of your mind – and it is free. 

 In developing your daily meditation practice, you are giving yourself the most precious and priceless gift: the gift of being alive and present for your life.

I hope to see you at the next series.